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Stroke Rehab: Excellence Award for Engineering Honours Project

As qualified podiatrist, Sam approached us to bounce ideas on how to combine his knoweldge on podiatry and physio rehabilitations and our expertise in low-cost robotics technology programming. With our close mentorship and guidance, he innovated, designed, and developed a smart balancing stick for stroke patients. This walking aid would beep and vibrate when the patient is leaning to either left or right. Another companion device using movement detection camera and embedded monitor helped the user to find his/her centre body.

With cheap materials, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, simple sensors and actuators, he assemble and code a working prototype in less than one year and awarded the Dean Award at Swinburne University for the best project in his Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) class of 2016. Congratulations on a job well done!

Success formula: 3d printer, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Camera, Python, OpenCV, touch sensors, stepper motor, lots of wiring, trial and errors, and series of regular meetings with Elmtree Computers fueled by diet cola!



Drowning Child Rescue Mission: First Class Honours

As a requirement to complete his Electrical Engineering degree at RMIT in 2017, Andrew wanted to utilise a swimming robot to detect a drowning child in a swimming pool.

He creatively designed an automated boat with wheels which uses computer vision to locate and detect a swimmer in trouble. This boat will launch from the land to water in full throtle towards the drowning child and release a floater for the child to grabe on. Pretty smart!

With our continuous tutoring and online consultation and support, he constructed the boat chassis and developed the brains behind the bot, tested it on real swimming pool and demonstrated his rescue boat prototype to happy audience at Engineering Expo and achieved First Class Honour in his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

Consequently, he became a stand-out poach target and found full time employment in virtually no time after graduation. Mission: accomplished.

Success formula: Python, OpenCV, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Camera, boat chasis, few motors, batteries, soft-drink bottles as floaters and lots of swimming!



Two hackathon prizes in a year

In 2017, a group of tech enthusiats called the Banana Exchange keenly participated a number of hackathons. Hackathons were not only about spending sleepless weekends hacking and coding, they were about collaboratively think out-of-the-box to solve a set of real-world problems.

The founder of Elmtree Computers joined the Banana Exchange in participating in two hackathons and became the champions:

1. GovHack Casey 2017 winner for Spatial Data and community service using chat bot.

2. TADHack 2017 Location Prize winner for Tele-medicine for patients in remote and rural areas.

Winning formula: Vidyo, Python, JavaScript, Telegram Chat Bot, curiosity and great team work


Tetimonials from very satisfied students as listed on

“I got an HD for Web Database Interface (PHP + SQL + HTML) because of him! :) He did not do my assignments for me of course, but would patiently and relentlessly explain things until I would understand. As I said that I was aiming for HD, he would patiently sit with me and guide me through every little details until I understand the subject thoroughly. He's flexible regarding of how you want to study. As for me, he would see all of the content in my units, ask of how I'm progressing, and he would suggest of how I should learn it. I usually change his way to suit my comfort though, and he's very accommodating of that! He's also very flexible regarding location, time, and he replies quick so I can usually ask questions even outside tutoring hours.”

Subject: Web Database Interface

Morenza, Bachelor of IT student, Monash University

"He is a wonderful tutor. He worked with me throughout the semester and helped me completing my 3 assignments. He is very dedicated and explains things really well. He knows what he is doing! I would recommend him to anyone for high level programming."

Subject: Web Engineering

Anika, Master of Engineering Science student, Swinburne University

“Great tutor. Quick to reply and accommodating to my study needs. Helps me a lot in getting better understanding of Computer Science. He's easy to talk to, friendly and makes Computer Science less scarier. Very happy with his style of teaching and seriously considering ongoing sessions.”

Subjects: Java, Algorithm, C

Maya, Master of IT student, Monash University

“Recommended tutor. He works with me with my assignment and is very clear in his teaching.”

Subject: Relational Datababase

Carla, Bachelor of Information Technology student, RMIT

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